Pumps and Sandals for 22" American Model Dolls

These pumps and sandals are just the thing to fit the graceful 22 inch American Model doll by Robert Tonner. There are so many different colors, you'll find just the right match for your doll's ensemble.


Pumps for 22" American Model

G-191 Pumps white

G-192 Pumps black
G-193 Pumps red
G-194 Pumps beige

G-201 Pumps burgundy

G-202 Pumps tan 

G-203 Pumps navy

G-204 Pumps black patent

G-205 Pumps pink patent

G-206 Pumps black suede

G-207 Pumps navy suede
Sandals for 22" American Model
G-309 - Sandals black
G-310 - Sandals white

Sold Out
G-311 - Sandals red
G-315 Sandals plum

G-316 Sandals pink
G-317 Sandals blue

G-318 Sandals pink patent
G-319 Sandals green
G-320 Sandals yellow
G-321 Sandals beige
G-322 Sandals beige patent
G-323 Sandals gold
G-324 Sandals silver